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Hornyshorts Cast
  • Amber

    The character Amber is barely out of high school, but has already made the rounds as the hottest little escort in town. Preferring much older men, she'll take as much as her body will hold. Amber occasionally helps her sister Whitney at Heavenly Cups Cafe.
  • Celeste

    The character Celeste is Willard's wife and older sister of DennieX. Celeste's main source of income comes from Sicko Inc. and the work she puts in at the Showcase Lounge as one of the top dancers.
  • Dennie

    The character Dennie aka DennieX is the younger sister of Celeste and usually can be found whoring herself out at the Showcase Lounge and other clubs around town. Dennie's main source of income is taking "Bucketloads" from her Father, Big D.
  • Gigi

    The character Gigi knows exactly what she is capable of and has no regret in letting her Father Willard cover and fill her with loads of cum on a daily basis. Her main source of employment is working for her father at Sicko Inc.
  • Latia

    The character Latia (Lay-ta) is from Puerto Rico and is the estranged daugther of Grahm (Mister) who lives with his ex-wife. Latia hasn't seen her father in several years and just recently learned of her Fathers re-marriage.
  • Summer

    The character Summer is the ex-wife of Willard and the Mother of Gigi. Summer's main source of income is working full time at the Showcase Lounge and has an irresistible urge for young men.
  • Whitney

    The character Whitney is best known for revealing her most obivious assets and prefers wearing her hair up, but occasionly likes to let it loose. Her main source of employed is being the coffee shop girl at Heavenly Cups Cafe.
  • Dennis
    (Big "D")

    The character Dennis aka Big "D" is the father of Celeste and DennieX. For contributing both his daugthers to become dream girls for Sicko Inc. he has recently been put in charge of recruiting new girls for the Showcase Lounge.
  • Rodd

    The character Rodd is the creepy Uncle of Whitney and Amber. In his spare time he is a starving actor usually booking gigs in softcore adult flicks, and spends the other days trying to hook up with young girls.
  • Eddy
    (Fast Eddy)

    The character Eddy aka Fast Eddy is the owner and investor of many small and large companies. His most favorite investments include Heavenly Cups Cafe, Teeny Teen Threads, and Hot Poppas Handy Massage Parlor.
  • Willard
    (formerly Monkey Boy)

    The character Willard is the nephew of Sicko, husband of Celeste and Father of Gigi. Formerly known as Monkey Boy, he resided in deep space as a crew member on the QuadPR.
  • Roth

    The character Roth is a regular customer at the Showcase Lounge and veteran of QuadPR trips. He skims the lounge in search of girls with broken pasts and prefers his girls short, pudgy and last to be picked for anything.
  • Grahm

    The character Grahm is the husband of newly wed Amber, who he met through a house call service provided by Sicko Inc. After just 24 hours of non-stop sex Grahm was hooked on the girl next door and 1 month later they were exchanging vows.
Hornyshorts Media
(2005 - 2014)
Hornyshorts Pictorials
Hornyshorts Pictorials by WJB
Featured here are centerfolds, shorts and conception pieces that just didn't meet the DO NOT VIOLATE OUR TERMS AND CONDITIONS OR ELSE policy brought on by those social media sites that are behind in the times. Anywho... Enjoy! :)
The Villajizz
The Villajizz by WJB
Introducing an all NEW journey into the world of Sicko Inc. Set for release later this year, will be the staging ground for a full length story about life, retirement, and beyond in a world controlled and operated in the raunchiest way possible.
The Sicko Way
The Sicko Way by WJB
Give her a foot, and a Sicko man will give her 2! Hey OH!! Mr. Baker thought he knew his wife Gigi's history with her father, but he never expected this.
Home Sweet Ghooosh
Home Sweet Ghooosh by WJB
Roth spent nearly 5 years of his life searching for his granddaughter who went missing in her early teens and was quite frankly was ready to give up! Then one night while searching for just another girl with a troubled past, voila!
Cheating Life
Cheating Life by WJB
All newly wed couples are bound to have their share of temptations, secrets, and quite possibly even a love affair with your wife's younger sister?!? If so, Grahm isn't about to come clean just yet. Maybe he'll have some explaining to do in 9 months.
Bucketloads of Overtime
Bucketloads of Overtime by WJB
Being a bar whore means taking it anyway you can even if it means spending a little overtime for bucketloads of payment. In the case of this short, Dennis ain't cumming cheap.
Heavenly Cups Cafe
Heavenly Cups Cafe by WJB
This cock tease short is dedicated to those coffee shop girls out there that always seem to go out of their way to just tease you enough, that you forget why you came.
Kinky Kitty
Kinky Kitty by WJB
This coming of age goodry short is of one boys first time with none other than his own Kinky Kitty, Summer. While he is quick to fall deeply in love with her on the first stroke, she's looking for nothing more than one thing.
Wedding Day Short
Wedding Day by WJB
This sex rompt short is about a freshly divorced middle-aged man who's secret desire leads him to a quick rebound with the barely legal girl next door. Wedding bells ring and after just 3 weeks the day has arrived! This time around, things are gonna be different.
More to Come! Stay Tuned...